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Rural Digital Communications is bringing high speed internet to rural residents and communities across eastern South Dakota. 

Whether you need high speed accessat your home or business, Rural Digital Communications can get you connected.  

Want to see high speed internet in action? Stop in and see us at 301 East 2nd Street in Egan.

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Call us today at 605-997-3810

Locally owned to serve you better!!

Wireless internet is currently available:

In the city of Colman, Egan, Flandreau and most of rural Moody County. If you live in northern Minnehaha County near the  Jasper area, wireless internet is available for you.

Monthly Fees 
Residential Up to 2.5 MB
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Residential Up to 3.5 MB Call for pricing
Business  Up to 3.5 MB
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Business  Up to 5 MB
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Business  Up to 8 MB
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If wireless delivers high speed, just how fast is it?
Rural Digital Communications has several packages to fill your...need for speed

What equipment does a customer need to receive this service?
The typical home user will receive one radio device.  This could be a radio card or a USB device, dependant upon the user's computer system.  From the radio device cable will be run to an antenna.  

How big are the antennas?
This will vary according to how far from one of our antennas you are located.  Our antennas range from the size of a smoke detector, the next step would be a flat panel antenna upwards to a full grid dish. 

How do I know if wireless will work for me?
A site evaluation will need to be performed for almost all potential customers to evaluate the ability to use wireless where you live. If you know where our antennas are, and you can see one, then you should be able to get a working signal.

I live in a low spot. Is there any hope for me?
Perhaps, but unfortunately there will be some places that will be impossible to reach with wireless. Being in a low spot will not help, unless of course you're right next to the location where a broadcast point is. We have made a commitment to take the wireless service wherever there is enough demand to justify the expense of creating point of access.